About Steve Nelson

Hello fellow baseball fan! I’m Steve Nelson. Welcome to Baseball Training World!

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I have been an avid baseball player for as long as I can remember. From the first time I played a T-ball game, I was hooked for life. From T-ball, I went on to play baseball in little league, high school, intramurals in college, and now I’m in two different adult baseball leagues in Denver, Colorado. In other words, I’ve been a baseball player for life.

Throughout my baseball career, I’ve had many different coaches (my dad included) which means I’ve been able to learn a lot of different coaching styles, baseball drills, and general baseball strategy. So I set up this website to support my baseball habit and help others understand all the complexities around baseball.

With this website, I aim to provide helpful tips, tricks, and information that I’ve learned over the years with the goal of helping others be the best baseball player they can be. I’ve even sprinkled in some articles to give coaches ideas on how to structure their practices.

You may notice that there are some ads and affiliate links placed around this website. These ads and links help generate the revenue to keep this website operational and help me provide more content to all of the wonderful people who are looking for baseball resources. So thanks for understanding.

Also, all of the links on this website are to items I’ve used, which is why I recommend them. If you notice any issues with any of these links, please contact me.

I hope you enjoy all of the content on this website. If you do have any questions, complaints, or ideas on topics you would like to see on my website – please send those my way! I’m also a fan of dad jokes so please send those my way as well, especially if they’re baseball-related dad jokes.

Thanks for reading,

Steve Nelson