Bruce Bolt Batting Glove Review: Is It Worth The Price?

As someone who has played baseball his entire life, I have gone through dozens, if not hundreds, of different batting gloves. Normally, my strategy around purchasing batting gloves is that I look for the cheapest and most comfortable batting gloves, with the expectation of needing to purchase new batting gloves once or twice a season (at a minimum).

Bruce Bolt batting gloves inside a carrying case next to the thank you card that came inside the carrying case

I recently became intrigued by Bruce Bolt batting gloves while I was looking for my next pair of batting gloves. The price of their batting gloves is higher than I normally spend, but I’ve also never tried a pair of premium batting gloves. So I purchased a pair of their gloves to find out the answer to one question – are Bruce Bolt batting gloves worth it?

In general, Bruce Bolt batting gloves are worth it if you’re willing to spend more for comfort and durability. Bruce Bolt batting gloves are made from 0.9mm Cabretta leather, which allows their gloves to be both soft and durable at the same time.

While you may be spending double or triple on a single pair of batting gloves with Bruce Bolt, I’ll go into details in this article on why I believe Bruce Bolt gloves are worth the cost. I’ll also cover some alternatives to Bruce Bolt batting gloves towards the end of this article.

How Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves Rank

Overall, I give my Bruce Bolt batting gloves a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The feel and durability of these batting gloves are outstanding and I’m very happy with my purchase.

Star ratings for Bruce Bolt batting gloves

The only downfall for these batting gloves was the upfront cost. For the price you would pay for one pair of Bruce Bolt batting gloves, you could easily purchase 2 or 3 pairs of batting gloves from your local sports retailer. If you’re interested in getting your own pair of Bruce Bolt batting gloves, learn about their current price on Amazon.

But even though the price was higher than I’m used to for batting gloves, I believe these one pair of Bruce Bolt batting gloves can outlast those 2 or 3 pairs of batting gloves you could purchase of a lower-quality batting glove. And it also helps that Bruce Bolt batting gloves are much more comfortable than other batting gloves I’ve used in the past.

Pros And Cons of Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves

Infographic outlining the pros and cons of using Bruce Bolt batting gloves

As a whole, I am happy with the pair of Bruce Bolt batting gloves that I own. They are easily one of the best pairs of batting gloves I’ve ever used, but the one drawback to these gloves is the cost.

Bruce Bolt batting gloves usually cost anywhere from $60 to $150, depending on which type of batting glove you want.

This is a lot more expensive than other batting gloves you can find. But on that same note, the quality of these batting gloves far outweighs cheaper alternatives. If you’re interested in cheaper batting gloves that still do a good job, scroll down further in this article to see the alternative batting gloves I recommend.

Types of Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves

Bruce Bolt batting gloves are broken down into 4 categories:

  • Premium Pro Gold Series (highest quality)
  • Signature Series
  • Premium Pro Chrome Series
  • Premium Pro (lowest quality)

The gloves I used came from the Premium Pro series, which is the lowest quality batting gloves that Bruce Bolt offers. Even though the Premium Pro series is the lowest quality for Bruce Bolt, these gloves are still top-notch when it comes to quality and comfort.

I couldn’t find much information on the difference between the Signature Series, Premium Pro Chrome Series, and the Premium Pro types of batting gloves. But I was able to find that their top-quality batting gloves, the Premium Pro Gold Series, are made with 1.22mm Cabretta leather. Their other 3 types of batting gloves are made with 0.9mm Cabretta leather.

Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves are Made from Cabretta Leather

Bruce Bolt batting gloves are made using 0.9mm Cabretta leather, which is leather that is made from skins of sheep that grow hair (not wool). Because these batting gloves use Cabretta leather, Bruce Bolt batting gloves are very soft. In fact, they’re one of the softest batting gloves I’ve ever owned.

But just because they’re soft it doesn’t mean they are less durable. The Cabretta leather is also a very tough leather and you can feel it once the gloves are on your hands. In addition to Bruce Bolt batting gloves being one of the softest batting gloves I’ve ever owned, these are also the most durable batting gloves I’ve ever owned.

And I’m also not sure if this has to do with the type of leather used in these batting gloves, but I’ve also noticed that my batting gloves don’t give off an odor like other batting gloves I typically wear.

The main reason I wear batting gloves is that my hands sweat…a lot. And unfortunately, that leads to batting gloves giving off an odor after some time. But after using these gloves over a two-month period in a handful of baseball games, softball games, baseball practices, and being stored in a cool and dark room, there is no foul odor coming off of these batting gloves.

How Long Do Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves Last?

Like with most batting gloves, it’s difficult to give a timeline on how long batting gloves will last. However, I looked through a lot of reviews to try to determine how long these gloves will last.

In general, Bruce Bolt batting gloves will last between two weeks and a year. Players who frequently use their batting gloves will see holes in their gloves sooner than players who use their batting gloves less frequently.

Most reviews for Bruce Bolt batting gloves are on the positive side, with a lot of talk about how durable the batting gloves are. It looks like most players are able to use their gloves for an entire season before needing to replace them.

As a comparison, I took photos of my batting gloves when I first got them and some photos after I’ve used them for a while (see photos below). The first photo shows how my gloves looked when they were brand new and the second photo shows how my gloves looked after 3 baseball games, 4 softball games, and multiple hitting practices for baseball.

Brand new pair of Bruce Bolt batting gloves
Brand New Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves
Front and back view of a pair of Bruce Bolt batting gloves after a few uses
Bruce Bolt batting gloves after after 3 baseball games, 4 softball games, and multiple hitting practices for baseball
Front and back view of Bruce Bolt batting gloves after being used in 20 baseball games
Bruce Bolt batting gloves after 20 baseball games, 4 softball games, and multiple batting cage practices

My batting gloves still look and feel like they are in great condition and I’m expecting these batting gloves to last me an entire season, if not longer.

To help ensure your batting gloves remain intact, each pair of Bruce Bolt batting gloves comes with a quick guide on how to care for your batting gloves. The six things they mention in that guide to help care for your batting gloves are to:

  1. Dry the gloves after each use
  2. Moisturize the gloves with leather conditioning balm
  3. Don’t use these batting gloves in the rain
  4. If they need to be cleaned, use light soap on a damp cloth
  5. To remove any smell, use Pow Air essential oil deodorizer
  6. Two pairs of Bruce Bolt batting gloves last longer than one pair

Personally, I’d ignore that sixth “tip” on how to make your batting gloves last longer. One pair of batting gloves is enough, unless you’re planning on using these gloves every day.

Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves Are Worth the Cost

One of the downfalls to Bruce Bolt batting gloves is the price. There are a lot of other batting gloves out there that players can purchase for much cheaper, but cheaper isn’t always better.

In my opinion, Bruce Bolt batting gloves are worth the price because they don’t need to be replaced as often as other batting gloves. Also, Bruce Bolt batting gloves are one of the most comfortable batting gloves I’ve ever worn and I never knew what I was missing until I tried them.

I’m willing to spend the extra money for comfort and durability, but not everyone would agree with that approach. Scroll down further to the end of this article to see my alternatives to Bruce Bolt batting gloves.

What Size Bruce Bolt Batting Glove Should You Wear?

Bruce Bolt batting gloves are the same size as other brands like Nike or Franklin, but they also put together this nice glove size chart for those who want to measure. To get an accurate measurement, you’ll want to measure from your wrist to the top of your middle finger. The table below is what Bruce Bolt recommends for sizes.

Batting Glove SizeMeasurement in Inches from Wrist to Top of Middle Finger
Adult XXXL8.25’’ – 8.5’’
Adult XXL8’’ – 8.25’’
Adult XL7.75’’ – 8’’
Adult Large7.5’’ – 7.75’’
Adult Medium7.25’’ – 7.5’’
Adult Small7’’ – 7.25’’
Youth XL7’’ – 7.25’’
Youth Large6.75’’ – 7’’
Youth Medium6.5’’ – 6.75’’
Youth Small6.25’’ – 6.5’’
Youth XS6’’ – 6.25’’
Youth XXS5.75’’ – 6’’

Where Can You Buy Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves?

Bruce Bolt batting gloves are available for purchase at a number of retailers. The most popular place to purchase Bruce Bolt batting gloves is Amazon.

Bruce Bolt batting gloves are also available in a few places like directly on Bruce Bolt’s website, Baseball Monkey, and HeadBanager Sports, but they’re also available in one of my favorite stores – Scheels.

Scheels prices their Bruce Bolt batting gloves at the same price as what is on Bruce Bolt’s website and they can also offer free shipping. Or, if you’re in a rush to get them you can always find a Scheels store near you.

What Are Some Alternatives to Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves?

One black batting glove laying next to two white batting gloves on a wood floor

If you’re not wanting to make the initial investment in batting gloves, the good news is that there are plenty of alternatives.

I’ve tried a handful of other batting gloves throughout my baseball career and the two batting gloves I had success with are these Marucci 2020 Signature Baseball Batting Gloves and these Louisville Slugger Omaha Adult Batting Gloves (both links go to Amazon).

The Marucci batting gloves are still on the upper-end for prices on batting gloves, but they are not as expensive as Bruce Bolt batting gloves. These Marucci gloves were also durable and lasted me an entire season.

The batting gloves from Louisville Slugger are great for players that are on a budget and don’t mind taking the risk of needing to replace their gloves once or twice a year. The downfall of these gloves is that they easily dried up and got hard while I was using them.

How Did Bruce Bolt Get Its Name?

One of the common questions that people wonder about is the name of the company, Bruce Bolt. Who is Bruce Bolt?

Bruce Bolt is the name of a company located in Austin, TX. Its owner, Bear Mayer, had a grandfather named Bruce who was a baseball player and was struck by lightning twice. Bear combined both of those events into one name for his company, Bruce Bolt.
Read more about Bruce Bolt’s story.

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