Recommended Batting Gloves

Choosing batting gloves may seem fairly simple. Go into the store, try on a few, and pick the one that is the most comfortable. Or if you’re like an earlier version of myself, pick the batting gloves that are the cheapest. The only problem with these methods is that you’re taking a guess at how well the batting gloves will do during a game. In order to have the best batting gloves for yourself, you’ll need to test out the gloves in real-time.

After years of experience with being disappointed with the quality of lower-priced gloves, I started to venture out and see what other options there are. I have happily stumbled upon the 2020 Signature Batting Gloves from Marucci. For me, these batting gloves have been the best value for my dollar.

A lot of the lower-priced gloves always seemed to feel like they could get the job done, but after taking a few swings in the batting cages I quickly realized that blisters would soon be developing on my hands. Since I’ve been using these 2020 Signature Batting Gloves I have not had the issue of getting blisters on my hands from swinging the bat in the batting cages.

What to Look for When Choosing Batting Gloves


The first thing to consider when shopping around for batting gloves is how the batting gloves feel when they are on your hands.

Are the batting gloves too tight? Too loose? Too big or too small? Do you like the feel of the material that was used? Ask yourself these questions when trying on some different batting gloves.

Overall, if you aren’t comfortable with the batting gloves for any reason then those aren’t the right batting gloves for you. There are hundreds of styles and brands available so make sure you find the ones you like the best.


Another important factor to consider is how long the batting gloves will last. When I was making purchases of lower-quality batting gloves at a lower price, I might have been saving some money up-front, but I was losing money in the long run because these cheaper batting gloves would fall apart fairly quickly.

For example, I was using some lower-quality gloves in a previous season where I was playing baseball once a week for 17 weeks. By the time we were halfway through our season I was already seeing some holes in the batting gloves I had purchased at the beginning of our season.

In another season where I was playing twice a week for 17 weeks, I started off by purchasing these 2020 Signature Batting Gloves from Marucci. These gloves lasted all the way through the entire season and I was playing twice the amount of games as I was when I was using my lower-quality gloves.

Does durability matter when purchasing batting gloves? In my experience, durability is an important factor and it can save you money in the long run.