Recommended Batting Helmets

An important piece of baseball equipment to purchase is your batting helmet. When it comes to protecting your head you may not want to skimp on the price.

For as long as I can remember, I had been using generic batting helmets from little league all the way through intramural baseball in college. It wasn’t until after I got into adult baseball leagues that I started using my own helmet and beginning to figure out what batting helmet worked best for me.

After experimenting with some different batting helmets, I’ve fallen in love with Marucci’s Duraspeed 3-Hole Helmet. I’ve tried some other $15-$20 batting helmets, but Marucci has done a great job at producing a wonderful batting helmet at a reasonable price.

At the time of this posting, their batting helmets are going for $49.99, but prices can always fluctuate so make sure to check out the current price of Marucci’s Duraspeed 3-Hole Helmet.

What to Look For in a Batting Helmet


The number one reason for wearing a batting helmet is to protect your head so safety should be at the forefront of anyone’s mind when purchasing a batting helmet.

So make sure the batting helmet you’re purchasing meets the NOCSAE standard for baseball helmets and is SEI Certified. The manufacturer will let you know on their website that the helmet you’re viewing meets these standards and is SEI certified. If not, then contact that manufacturer and ask them whether the helmet their selling meets these specifications.


A big factor to consider in your batting helmet purchase is how the helmet feels on your head.

If the helmet is too tight or too loose then you’ll never feel comfortable while in the batter’s box. So make sure you try out some helmets and see what comfort style works best for you.


One factor that many players consider when making the purchase is how the batting helmet looks.

You’ll want to pick a helmet style that you really like and are proud of. For a lot of hitters, the style of their helmet can give them more confidence at the plate.