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How to Name a Baseball Team

For brand new baseball teams, coming up with the perfect team name can be quite a challenge. There are a lot of things to think about when thinking about how to name a baseball team. What is a good name our team will love? What will sound good when other teams see us on their schedule? Or quite simply, what team name sounds cool? In other words, how do you name a baseball team?

A baseball team name can be between one to three words in length, include at least one noun, and be a name that teammates are proud to wear on their jerseys. Most non-professional baseball team names contain one to two words while most professional baseball team names contain two to three words.

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Let’s go into more depth around how to name a baseball team and then cover some general tips on what types of words you can use when naming your baseball team.

How to Name Baseball Teams with One Word

When it comes to non-professional baseball, using one word to name your team is a very common strategy. In fact, using one word as a team name is the most common way teams are named in my adult baseball league.

When using one word to name a baseball team, use any kind of noun that will make your teammates proud to be part of the team.

It can also be helpful to run a few one-word team names by your teammates to see what people like the best. The more that teammates agree on a team name, the more excited they’ll be to wear that jersey.

One advantage to having a one-word baseball team name is that the logo is easier to design. Most teams use the first letter of one part of a team name as the team’s logo. But if you’re a team with only one word then it’s easier to figure out where to start.

A few examples of one-word baseball team names are:

  • Bulls
  • Hitters
  • Rockets
  • Sluggers
  • Warriors

How to Name Baseball Teams With Two Words

The most popular way to name a baseball team is by using two words. Using two words as a team name is a common strategy across all types of baseball leagues – Major League, Minor League, adult baseball leagues, colleges, high schools, youth baseball leagues, and recreational leagues.

To name a baseball team by using two words, make sure at least one of those words is a noun. The other word can also be a noun or an adjective. The goal is to have a team name that makes your teammates proud to wear the jersey.

When it comes to choosing a baseball team name, a noun is a necessity, but adjectives can be used to spice up the team name.

A few examples of two-word baseball team names are:

  • Big Horns
  • Diamond Cutters
  • Green Monster
  • Power House
  • Wolf Pack

How to Name Baseball Teams With Three Words

Using three words to name your baseball team is another common method for naming a team. Professional baseball teams (both Major League and Minor League) commonly use this method for their teams’ names.

To name a baseball team with three words, make sure at least one of those words is a noun. The other two words can be nouns or adjectives. Baseball teams who use their city as part of the name will commonly have three words, especially if their city contains two words.

The most common way to have a baseball team name with three words is when you live in a city where the city’s name is spelled with two words. This method of naming a team is apparent when viewing a list of all Major League Baseball teams or all Minor League Baseball teams.

A few examples of three-word baseball team names are:

Don’t Name A Baseball Team With More Than Three Words

There are generally no rules against how long a team name can be, but it is quite uncommon to see a baseball team name that spans more than three words. Baseball team names with four or more words don’t have the same ring to them as baseball team names with three or fewer words.

If baseball fans do see a team name that has more than three words, they typically see these types of names when playing fantasy baseball.

7 Tips for Naming Your Baseball Team

While it’s good to know how to structure the name of your new baseball team, it is also beneficial to know exactly what types of words go well with any baseball team name. Let’s go over seven tips on how to name your baseball team.

1) Use Your Team’s City

One of the more common ways to name a team is to let everyone know where you’re from by using your team’s city. You might not get points for creativity, but using your city as part of your baseball team’s name usually has a nice ring to it.

2) Use a Fierce Animal Name

Animal names are a great way to add some innovation to your baseball team’s name, but it’s generally best practice to use the name of a fierce animal. When an opposing team sees your team name show up on their schedule, you want your team name to send a message that you’re ready to win.

For example, in high school we played a team that had “Bunnies” as part of their team’s name. That’s not a name that sends a competitive message to opposing teams.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, some fierce animal names to use as part of your baseball team name include:

  • Bears
  • Hawks
  • Lions
  • Sharks
  • Tigers

3) Use Fierce Weather Terms

People tend to use weather for small talk, but using weather terms in your baseball team name can be a great way to get your teammates excited to wear that jersey. Similar to how you want to use a fierce animal name, you also want to use fierce weather terms.

Some great weather terms to use for a baseball team name include:

  • Heat
  • Hurricane
  • Lightning
  • Quake
  • Storm

4) Use a Color

Names of different colors are a great addition to a team name. Generally, a color will not work as a stand-alone team name, but the name of a color can add value as a two-word or a three-word baseball team name.

Some common colors to use as part of a baseball team name include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gold (or golden)
  • Red
  • White

5) Use Familiar Baseball Slang

Baseball slang is quite popular amongst players. When it’s used within the context of a team name, baseball slang usually has a nice ring to it.

Some common baseball slang terms to include as part of your team name include:

  • Aces
  • Bombers
  • Dingers
  • Slammers
  • Sluggers

6) Use Descriptive Adjectives

When used alone, adjectives aren’t generally used as a name for a baseball team. But when paired with other words, descriptive adjectives can go a long way towards a great baseball team name.

Some descriptive adjectives to use as part of a team name include:

  • Fighting
  • Flying
  • Great
  • Rough
  • Super

7) Use a Name of a Fierce Competitor

Another clever way to add creativity to your baseball team name is to use the name for a type of fierce competitor. There are lots of general names given for fierce competitors over the years, but the goal of this name is to let the opposing team know you’re ready to win.

Some names of fierce competitors that can be used include:

  • Generals
  • Kings
  • Knights
  • Raiders
  • Spartans
  • Warriors

Use a Team Name Generator

When all else fails, a team name generator can be a great way to give you some ideas on how to name your baseball team.

Most team name generators for baseball are geared towards fantasy baseball team names instead of normal baseball team names. So the best way to use any type of team name generator is to generate a handful of team names and see what word or words appeal to you.

Although I was able to find this Baseball Team Name Generator from Dr. Odd. This name generator only spits out team names that contain two words, but feel free to use this generator to come up with a handful of ideas for your next baseball team.

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