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The 5 Things Needed to Begin Your WIN Reality Training

When it comes to practicing baseball, most players are well aware of the types of baseball equipment they need. However, training for baseball by using virtual reality is a new concept to a lot of people. When I first started looking into WIN Reality, I wasn’t sure what equipment I needed, but after using WIN Reality for a while, I wanted to help others out by answering the same question I initially had – what do you need for WIN Reality?

Oculus Quest 2 headset and controllers with a real bat to demonstrate what is needed for using WIN Reality

WIN Reality requires an Oculus Quest 2, a WIN Reality membership, and a reliable wireless internet connection. WIN Reality also offers a bat attachment, but the bat attachment is not required to train with WIN Reality.

For the rest of this article, we’ll dive deeper into everything you need to start your virtual reality baseball training with WIN Reality. And after you know what equipment you need for WIN Reality, learn about the 6 steps to getting started with WIN Reality on Oculus Quest 2.

If you’re interested in what it’s like to train with WIN Reality, make sure you first read this WIN Reality Review: A Baseball Player’s Assessment.

1) Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 headset and controllers laying on a wood floor
Oculus Quest 2

The most important piece of equipment you’ll need before you can train with WIN Reality is an Oculus Quest 2.

The Oculus Quest 2 comes with one headset and two controllers. These 3 items are really the only type of physical equipment you’ll need before you can train with WIN Reality.

It’s helpful to use an actual bat with WIN Reality, but it is not required. One of the controllers will turn into a virtual bat that you can use to swing at pitches.

Once you begin a drill, you really only need to hold one of the controllers. One controller is used to help with calibration, but once you’ve got everything calibrated you can set down that controller.

If you don’t yet have an Oculus Quest 2, I recommend getting this Oculus Quest 2 from Amazon. This listing includes a headset and two controllers and it is the same one I ordered on Amazon. I was also surprised it got delivered within two business days (without a Prime account).

I also recommend just getting the 128 GB Oculus Quest 2 for WIN Reality. When I installed WIN Reality, the app was only 617 MB, so the 128 GB Oculus Quest 2 has more than enough memory to support WIN Reality.

Does WIN Reality Work on Oculus Quest 1?

WIN Reality is compatible with both Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2. However, the Oculus Quest 1 is no longer available for purchase so you’ll need to purchase an Oculus Quest 2 if you do not yet have a virtual reality headset.

2) Wireless Internet Connection

Hovering over the WIN Reality app when using Oculus Quest 2 and disconnected from the internet

The next most important (and probably most obvious) thing you’ll need is a reliable internet connection.

You’ll need an internet connection to download WIN Reality, sign up for an account, and allow the app to sync data between your headset and your WIN Reality account.

WIN Reality is full of statistics about how well you’re performing in your drills and you’ll need to have an internet connection if you want to receive the weekly performance report from WIN Reality.

In fact, I even tried disconnecting from my internet and using WIN Reality. As you can see from my photo above, WIN Reality would not open unless I was connected to the internet.

3) WIN Reality Account

Anyone who wants to use WIN Reality will need an account with WIN Reality. This account is not associated with your Facebook profile or Meta account.

Entering account info when creating a WIN Reality account with Oculus Quest 2
Screen to create a WIN Reality account

WIN Reality requires you to sign up for a brand new account. This account holds all of your personal information (name, email, payment info, etc) and it looks like this account only exists on WIN Reality’s servers.

From this account, you can also add up to 3 player profiles. Each profile will contain all of the data gathered from completing different drills. So one Oculus Quest 2 headset can support up to 3 unique people who want to train with WIN Reality.

While signing up for a WIN Reality account is free, you’ll also need a membership to use any of these profiles. Keep reading to learn about WIN Reality Memberships or read my other article on the 6 steps to getting started with WIN Reality on Oculus Quest 2.

4) WIN Reality Membership

Dashboard for selecting a membership when users use their Oculus Quest 2 headset
WIN Reality’s membership options

A membership is required before anyone can actually perform any drills in WIN Reality.

At the time of this article, WIN Reality offers two different types of memberships – month-to-month or yearly. It looks like the benefits are the exact same between the two types of memberships, but the yearly membership is cheaper when comparing the costs over the course of an entire year.

Does WIN Reality Have a Free Demo or a Free Trial?

WIN Reality does not offer a free trial. To get started with WIN Reality, users will first need to purchase a membership.

5) Bat Attachment (Optional)

WIN Reality Bat Attachment laying on a wooden floor
WIN Reality Bat Attachment

One of the cool features of WIN Reality is that players have the option to swing an actual bat while training in virtual reality. While the bat attachment is not required to use WIN Reality, it is an optional feature players can use.

If players want to use WIN Reality with an actual baseball or softball bat, they’ll first need to purchase the bat attachment from WIN Reality.

Once the bat attachment arrives, players can use the bat attachment on any baseball or softball bat they already own. With this bat attachment, you can make these virtual reality drills feel even more realistic.

Be careful though! If you’re swinging an actual bat you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of space around you so you’re not accidentally smashing things while taking batting practice.

Once you have the bat attachment, make sure you know how to attach it by reading my step-by-step guide to attach the WIN Reality bat attachment.

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